interactive Sound-Sculpture


My Role

  • Planning and technical construction of the sculpture
  • Planning and implementation of the touch-interaction through the use of several bare-conductive boards
  • Planning and implementation of the motion-interaction using sliding contacts, graphite paint and an Arduino-Mega
  • Development of the program to control the interaction and sound playback with Processing and SonicPi on the Raspberry Pi 4


Project Description

X-Spaces explores the individual perception of the environment, influenced by the realities of our lives. Inspired by a turnstile, it allows visitors to play and manipulate sounds by touching and moving the rods. These sounds were recorded in various parts of Nuremberg. In this way, the sculpture allows visitors to move through the diversity of urban acoustics in a concentrated manner. In accompanying field recording workshops, participants were able to make their own recordings for X-Spaces in order to strengthen their own perception of the acoustic environment. X-Spaces was created with Hadihopsa and the DAF (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Nuremberg) for the KommVorZone project and was exhibited in several public places in 2021 and 2022.


listen to two example sound-compositions that people were able to experiment with through the sculpture. Also have a look at a few images of the process and the exhibition at Südstadtbad, Nuremberg.

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