audiovisual Performance


My Role

  • Conception and construction of a 2m x 3m illuminated cube
  • Development of the abstract, audio-reactive visuals with Touchdesigner
  • Development of a show system for integrated control of the visuals and the DMX LED spotlights in the illuminated cube with Touchdesigner and Resolume
  • Projection mapping with two projectors and MadMapper


Project Description

shift/walls explores the interplay between the challenges of fighting for a free and just society and the desire for a carefree, beautiful life. From personal experiences with social conflicts, we recognize the importance of acknowledging these struggles. However, it is also important to live life with ease and beauty. This dynamic is picked up by the contrast between a rectangular illuminated surface and a spherical projection surface. With the additional contrast between specific auditory references to movements such as Black Lives Matter or Fridays for Future and an abstract projection on the walls, the performance attempts to create a connection between social engagement and artistic expression. shift/walls was created with Hadihopsasa during a two-week residency at Kunsthaus Nürnberg.


Here are a few images of the process and the exhibition weekend at the end of the residency programm.

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