Pattern of Noise

interactive Installation


My Role

  • Conception, planning and construction of the interactive cubes
  • Planning and implementation of the interaction for the cubes with piezo pickups
  • Planning and implementation of the lighting technology with several DMX LED spotlights and floor fog machine
  • Development of the program to control the cube interaction as well as light and sound control with Touchdesigner


Project Description

Pattern of Noise explores the presence we assume in spaces and how other people can influence it. The installation consists of luminous cubes, a large projection and a soundscape, which together create a dreamy, longing atmosphere. The cubes react to movement and touch and add sounds to the sound atmosphere. At the same time, microphones in the room record the voices of the visitors, which influence the projection. This allows people to transform their activity into a dynamic pattern of sound and light, reflecting their presence in the space in an abstract way. The installation was created with Hadihopsasa in close collaboration with Hannah Gebauer for Blaue Nacht 2022 in Nuremberg.


Here are a few more images of the installation during its exhibition at Blaue Nacht, 2022.

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