Insan ne?

audiovisual Performance


My Role

  • Conception and construction of a luminous window with over 600 programmable LEDs
  • Development of a "pixel mapping" system for light control for the window with Touchdesigner
  • Development of the abstract visuals with Touchdesigner
  • Projection-mapping with two projectors and MadMapper
  • Planning the suspension for the window and the curtains


Project Description

Insan ne? (tr. What is a person?) delves into our desires and the inner conflict to achieve them. Our expectations of ourselves are often shaped by our perception of others, which is usually distorted or incomplete. In this way, a longing or a wish can also become a burden. Visitors experience the performance from two sides and sit opposite each other. Curtains fragment the projected images and the window is not transparent but glows differently on both sides. This means that the audience does not see the same image of the performance. In this way, Insan ne? aims to enable a change of perspective and draw attention to the somewhat distorted images we have of each other. The performance was created with Hadihopsasa for the Mauerblümchen Festival in Nuremberg.


Have a look at the Installation of the Performance in the studio and during exhibition at Mauerblümchen Festival in Nuremberg. There is also one image of the exctiting process of making the luminous window.

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