AR - Picturebook


My Role

  • Conception of the animations for the book
  • Realization of the animations as stop-motion from modeling clay
  • Implementation of the AR effects with Unity and Vuforia
  • Development of the accompanying Android app in Unity / C#
  • Implementation of the sound design for the animations and the app with Ableton and Audition


Project Description

Augenrausch tells the story of Safari. Safari lives in a dark world ruled by an evil peacock. He steals the eyes of all newborns and makes them blind to his horrors. In addition to the printed pictures, the book allows the reader to experience Safari's inner perception through stop-motion animations and sound. These can be augmented via an accompanying smartphone app. The work thus offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a fantastic world while questioning one's own perception and focus on vision. Augenrausch was created together with Hadihopsasa as part of my bachelor's thesis and was exhibited at the Kulturladen Loni-Übler-Haus in 2021.

Impressions & Videos

Have a look at the two Animations i created from clay and a short excerpt of the app. There are also some images of the process and the final paintings by Viola Karaalioğlu.

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