Audiovisual Bike

interactive Projections


My Role

  • Conception of the interactive visuals
  • Development of the interactive visuals with Kinect-V2 and Touchdesigner
  • Conception and implementation of a generative sound design with VCV-Rack
  • Planning and implementation of a mobile power supply with a bicycle trailer, inverter and ship battery


Project Description

The Audiovisual Bike aims to revive familiar places by interrupting people in their everyday lives and offering a new perspective on familiar surroundings. Two playful, interactive projections with sound were created for this purpose. Dreamy butterflies could be moved through an invisible musical scale or futuristic patterns could be painted on the wall. The playful approach enabled children and adults to be taken out of their everyday lives and given a wonderful experience in familiar places. The audiovisual bike was created with Hadihopsasa, funded by the city of Nuremberg and displayed in various public places.

Impressions & Videos

Here are short Videos showing the two displayed interactive visuals with their sounddesign. Also have a look at a few images of the display during early spring and christmas time.

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