Sometimes the beat of the city thunders in our heads and we feel like a toy of our environment. There's only one option: shoot the rockets out of your head!

This project is an audio-visual realtime animation for "Roleplay", a track by our good friend Rinkah. We were experimenting with audio-reactive visuals in Touchdesigner when we had the idea to do something like this for our friend's music. The idea for this video is to create an audio-reactive collage.

Ein Teil der Kollagen-Teile

Once the collage was in place, it was time to animate the rockets. Once all the individual parts were ready, the layers were imported into Touchdesigner, the song was analyzed, and the volume information from the tracks was used for the animation.

It was very interesting to experiment with audio-reactive collages, and the result is a simple, fun, yet interesting little music video.