interactive spatial installation

Pattern Of Noise

Blaue Nacht 2022 - Art Contest

for the art competition of the Blue Night 2022 in Nuremberg we developed together with Hannah Gebauer an interactive spatial installation called Pattern of Noise. The installation was open to public on May 6 and 7, 2022 in a building of the company Schmitt + Sohn.

The installation consists mainly of a projection and several light cubes distributed in the room. The projection can be influenced by microphones installed in the room and the visitors' own voice. The cubes react to the steps of the visitors or to being touched and light up depending on the intensity of the interaction. In doing so, they emit various sounds that, together with the specially created sound set, create a dreamy atmosphere. Through these interactions, the people in the installation should become aware of their own presence in the space in interaction with the other people.

To the main elements of the installation comes the use of fog, in particular floor fog. For this purpose, a powerful floor fog machine is used to finally bring the entire room to the desired mood.