Interaktive Installation

Fly like a Butterfly

This interactive projection was realized in the context of the "Audio-Visual-Bike" - a subproject of the KommVorZone in the Südstadt of Nuremberg. The motivation was to create a dreamlike audio-visual projection for the public space, from which children and adults feel inspired to play. The butterflies together with the different sounds follow the movements of the people. This visual and auditive connection allows visitors to immerse themselves in the projection for a moment and play in a dream-like state.

The project was realized using the Touchdesigner graphical programming environment and a Kinect V2 camera. The Kinect captures the hand movement of the active person and Touchdesigner transforms this information into the movement of the butterflies.

Screenshot aus Touchdesigner

The sound is generated with VCV-Rack, a modular synthesizer simulator. Touchdesigner sends information based on the movements of the visitors via OSC to VCV-Rack. Here the signals are then used to trigger a spectrum of bird-like sounds.

Screenshot aus VCV-Rack