art vending machine



The art cooperative artOmate has set up the art vending machine in Nuremberg's Südstadt in cooperation with the Urban Lab and the Casablanca. We are happy to be part of the third session.

squeezed and squared

Vio's digital illustrative work squeezed and squared plays with self-perception and the perception of others and the fears and uncertainties that arise in the process. For the vending machine, 25 small boxes are filled with a print of a figure from the high-rise building.

25 different figurines inhabit a high-rise building. Each leads its own life within the whole of life. In the private rather than in the nested. Unpack the box and get to know one of the 25 figures. Maybe there is a possibility to get to know the other figures as well?

A perspective of flow

Every day we go our ways, leave traces. We are sometimes more and sometimes less visible, louder and quieter. Sometimes our paths cross and sometimes we go a bit together. This flow seems to be logical for us personally, but from the outside you might think it is pure coincidence. A Perspective of Flow generates a possible perspective on this flow through an audio-reactive algorithm.