Augmented Reality

AR-Bilderbuch Augenrausch

Paper meets Pixel

The AR picture book Augenrausch narrates the story of Safari with text, images, film and sound.

Exhibition at Kulturladen Loni-Übler-Haus

Ab 27.Januar bis 29.April
Di - Fr von 9 - 18 Uhr
In der Marthastraße 60, 90482 Nürnberg

Finissage: 29. April ab 19 Uhr


On the planet of the watching eyes under the leadership of the megalomaniac Peacock, the eyes of the newborns are taken out. One night Safari dreams of something completely new: seeing. Just as Safari is snapped out of the nightmare, the firefly Samsa arrives and wants to help. So Safari and Samsa embark on a journey together to discover the unknown. Due to the massive workload we were only able to create the first two chapters of the story.

The story is told through the enhancements, text but of course also the images. These are originally painted with oil on wood.


The AR picture book can be enhanced digitally via the app by stop-motion animations and sound on the one hand and analogue via the embossed Braille on the other. In both ways, we encourage a change of perspective. The animations are made of clay to fully tkae on the concept of analog and digital combination.